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At S&H Engineering, manufacturing is just the "tip of the iceberg." We realize that many small businesses do not have the capabilities of an in-house engineer. If this is your company, we can help.


Our engineering team is available to guide you through challenging areas such as:

  • New product development

  • Manufacturing documentation

  • Precision motions & automation

  • Electrical chassis & cabinetry

  • Regulatory agency requirements


Whether you need assistance designing components, developing new products, organizing or managing projects, S&H's engineering team can help you make it happen.

Design & Engineering


Bring Your Products To Market Faster At Far Less Cost


Then you need to learn more about S&H Engineering's Rapid Prototyping and Solid Object Printing services.


Hold your idea in your hand with our stereolithography (SLA) technology. Using our SLA technology, we can quickly transform your designs into a three-dimensional solid model, accelerating the new product and development process significantly which can save you time and money.


Some Typical Applications For SLA Technology Include:

  • Concept ModelsForm

  • Fit & Function Models

  • Marketing Samples

  • Improve Product Design

  • Prepare For Mold Design


3D models can be created in applications that support SLA technology such as: Pro E, Auto CAD, Solid Works and Unigraphics.

Rapid Prototyping


Does Your Product Require Machined Components?


If you're looking for a source of high-quality, precision machined parts, look no further. S&H offers both prototype and production milling and turning services for all your manufacturing needs.


Whether it's an intricate, one-piece experimental part for your new project or a large number of items for an existing product, we can get the job done for you fast.


CAD/CAM generated tool paths help us cut fast and accurately. Every job undergoes rigorous in-process and final quality control inspections to ensure all parts are manufactured to design specifications.

Precision CNC Machining


Sheet Metal Fabrication

 S&H offers complete sheet metal fabrication and secondary services. Many projects consist of both machined and fabricated parts, having both capabilities in house allows our customers to be confident that their projects will be completed accurately and on-time without having to source from multiple locations. 


If your parts need to be formed, painted, plated, marked, or require hardware installation, we can do it for you. 



From Assembly To Shipping, We Do it All


At S&H Engineering, we understand that many of today's small businesses do not have the expertise or the facilities to bring their product from the drawing board to the market. In response to this, we are  able to assist you in critical areas such as:

  • Assembly

  • Testing

  • Packaging

  • Shipping

  • ESD Safe Area


We understand that your products are of high value and proprietary. As such, our assembly & testing area was designed to be secure and is ESD safe for the proper handling of sensitive electronic components.



If your project needs inspection dimensions beyond your resources then S&H can help.


Whether we manufacture your project components or they are done elsewhere, S&H's inspection division will help you rest assured that your customer's product will meet their standards. 

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